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· NEW! Version 1.3.1 of Adeo ERP released

Version 1.3.1 of Adeo ERP has just been released. Improvements and fixes in this release include:

  • New Fixed Assets module
  • New resource reservation module
  • Payment type can now be defined for outgoing invoices
  • Outgoing invoices can now be generated based on contracts
  • New campaign management feature in the Customer Relationship module
  • Opportunities can now be related to a product/resource/servise and/or campaing
  • Activity initiator can now be defined for a partner activity
  • Employment types can now be defined for very company
  • New inbox feature in the Document Management module
  • Folders can now be assigned to multiple users and organization units
  • Each user can start and end his or hers work on a folder, having work hours generated automatically
  • New folders by status report
  • New work hours by folders and users report
  • Resources can now be marked as reserveable (halls, automobiles, rooms etc.)
  • New holiday management module. Entered holidays are shown in work hours organizer

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· IT can improve your business!

Any modern businessman or businesswoman couldn’t imagine everyday operations without IT: all those calls made over your cell phone, urgent emails sent, business calendars that keep track of you appointments... But, if we scratch a little deeper, often we find only a bunch of Excel spreadsheets that keep track of your core business: your invoices, revenue, stock balance etc. You have a feeling that modern day technology can offer you much more!

· Modern ERP systems

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, an integrated software system that handles core business of an organization. These systems can offer a lot to the customer: integrated evidence of all your core business segments, powerful data handling routines, extensive reports and various integrations with external data sources. However, there’s no free lunch! Most ERP systems of today come with large license and implementation costs.

· We can offer a powerful, but yet affordable ERP solution for small and medium enterprises

By introducing Adeo ERP, we offer a powerful ERP solution built on modern Microsoft .NET technology with rich user interface, but at an affordable price and with easiest possible installation procedure.

By taking advantage of our complete on-line demo, easy-to-install trial versions and an intuitive user interface, we’ve tried to keep your first steps with a new ERP system as easy as possible.

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